Do You Have a "Right" To Hunt and Fish?

An interesting issue has been raised in another thread. Is hunting (and fishing) a privilege or right? I did a quick Google search and found an overwhelming majority of credible sources (game and fish departments and hunter education outfits, for example) favoring “privilege.” Those favoring “right” tend to be individuals. Your opinion? Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife: “Everyone must realize that hunting is a privilege and not a right.” 1. Hunting is a right Wrong. Hunting is a privilege. ALL states recognize hunting as a privilege granted to certain individuals…not a right. Neither the federal nor any state constitution recognize hunting as a right. From the Illinois hunter education manual, page 5: "Privileges are extra benefits given to a person or group. They may be given only to people who meet certain conditions. Hunting is an example of a privilege." ALL states teach in their hunter education classes that hunting is a privilege. Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife: “Hunting is a privilege.” International Hunter Education Association: “Hunting is a privilege.” WV DNR: “Hunting is a privilege.” American Hunter: “Hunting is a privilege.” California Hunting Education Program: “Hunting is a privilege, not a right.” %22hunting is a privilege%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=14&ie=UTF-8 Hunter Responsibility: “Hunting is a privilege, not a right.”