Who uttered the following words: "It is well known that predatory animals are continuing to eat the cream off the stock grower's profits…Whatever may have been the value of the work accomplished by bounty systems, poisoning, and trapping, individual or governmental, the fact remains that varmints continue to thrive and their reduction can be accomplished only by means of a practical, vigorous, and comprehensive plan of action…Would not everybody, except the varmints, be benefited by such a move?" And went on to praise New Mexico for "leading the West in the campaign for eradication of predatory animals”? And then declared: “The sportsmen and the stockmen demand the eradication of lions, wolves, coyotes, and bobcats.” And, the following year, addressing the American Game Protective Association in New York City, proudly announced that New Mexico had in the last three years knocked down its wolf population from 300 to 30 and proclaimed that "the stock industry which covers the entire West is demanding the destruction of predatory animals, and the U.S. Biological Survey is doing the job rapidly and well."