RFA-DE Rejects Saltwater License

In My humble opinion 57 percent of RFA-DE are idiots.

RFA-DELAWARE MEMBERS REJECT LICENSE PROPOSAL Members of RFA-DE were recently polled regarding their views on a proposed state saltwater fishing license. It was pretty clear from the returns received at RFA headquarters, that Delaware members are opposed to any saltwater license. The results broken down are: 57 percent opposed, 33 percent would support a license if certain conditions were met, and 10 percent unconditionally supported a license. Those who are against the license and offered comments gave several reasons for their opposition, including the view that the license was yet another tax on saltwater anglers and mismanagement of the fishery at the federal level. “The responses we received are typical of all the reasons why anglers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions oppose a saltwater fishing license,” said Michael Doebley, Director of Government Affairs.

A new law will be necessary for a license to be implemented and, historically, the Delaware legislature has been opposed to a saltwater license. RFA members in Delaware will receive action alerts to send to key legislators informing them of RFA’s position as a result of the poll. RFA volunteers and staff will also begin meeting with legislators explaining our position and asking them to oppose the license proposal.