Victory on the Tongass

In a stunning bipartisan effort, last week the House of Representatives voted to limit money to build new logging roads in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. The amendment to the FY2007 Interior Appropriations bill, sponsored by Representatives Steve Chabot (R-OH) and Robert Andrews (D-NJ), won by a vote of 237 - 181. This huge victory for wilderness was the result of strong support from a broad coalition of taxpayer and budget watchdog groups, sportsmen and conservationists, and by the phone calls and letters from people like you. Your Member of Congress voted in favor of this amendment! Please take a moment to thank your Representative for his/her support for protecting America's rainforest in Alaska. Click here to send an email to your Representative. The Tongass National Forest is part of the world's last intact temperate rainforest. Centuries-old trees provide critical habitat for wolves, grizzly bears, wild salmon, bald eagles and other wildlife that have disappeared from many other parts of the country. However, during the last 45 years, the Alaska timber industry has logged more than a million acres of Southeast Alaska's old-growth forest, and built over 5,000 miles of logging roads in the Tongass. Subsidized roads used to log the Tongass National Forest have cost American taxpayers millions. In 2005 alone, the Forest Service spent $48.5 million on the Tongass logging program and received only $500,000 in revenue. Over the past two decades, losses have reached roughly $1 billion. Please send an email to your Representative to thank him/her for being a good steward of our taxes and America's natural heritage. Thank you, Mike Matz Executive Director Campaign for America's Wilderness