Craigs Anti-Salmon Rider

Our endangered salmon and steelhead need all the help they can get, but some politicians want to dodge our shared responsibility to help revive healthy fish populations in the Snake River. Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) wants to carve out a legislative loophole to exempt his state from doing its fair share to restore salmon. Not long ago, millions of salmon and steelhead returned annually to the Snake River basin -- supporting fishing jobs, recreation, and the region's wildlife and ecosystems. Today, however, all four remaining populations of Snake River salmon and steelhead are in danger of extinction. This year, just three sockeye survived to return to Redfish Lake in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. We need our leaders to work together to craft real solutions for Snake River salmon. Senator Craig's anti-salmon legislative "rider" would undercut recovery efforts and the Endangered Species Act. And it would make it much harder for the people of the Northwest to move forward with a plan that works for fish, farmers and communities. Tell your congressional representatives to oppose this anti-salmon rider -- take action now! ** Forward this message to a friend Sincerely, Rebecca R. Wodder President ************************************* To contact American Rivers, email us at [email protected]. To unsubscribe from one or more of our email lists or to change your email preferences, click here To update your information and subscription preferences, please log into our Action Center