SCI backs the worst anti-enviro in Congress

The SCI's only real concern is making it easier for members to kill every beast that every walked Noah's plank. What an unholy outfit! Dear Fellow SCI Member: Of all the close races in this tumultuous election cycle, there is one that is uniquely important to all members of SCI -- one race that we simply cannot afford to lose. House Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo -- a fellow member of SCI -- has been targeted for defeat by a cabal of extremist environmental groups. They are pouring millions of dollars and dozens of staffers into his district, with the sole mission of defeating Chairman Pombo. As your President and as Chairman of your Political Action Committee, we are taking the unprecedented step of writing you directly. Chairman Pombo's work has helped SCI members for years. Now we need to help him -- and help fend off the focused attacks of our political opponents. This race has become a referendum on hunting and conservation. The extremist groups are outraged that Chairman Pombo is working to reform archaic laws that render more harm than benefit to wildlife and conservation. Their cold political calculus is very simple: defeat Richard Pombo, and kill reform of laws like the Endangered Species Act. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what they say about the race: “If the Humane Society Legislative Fund could be granted one wish during this election season, it would be that U.S. Rep. Richard Pombo be defeated.” If Pombo is defeated, years of hard work will go down the drain. SCI-PAC has given Richard all the direct assistance we legally can. SCI-PAC is "maxed out" under campaign law. But every American SCI member is eligible to make donations directly to his campaign. This situation is dire, and your assistance is urgently needed. Funding is desperately needed to stave off the millions of dollars of scurrilous ads from our opponents. We MUST help our friend and supporter Richard Pombo. If every SCI member donated as little as $100, it would make a huge difference in Richard's outlook for re-election. When you think about what you spend every year on trips, outfitters, gear and trophies, $100 is a minuscule amount to protect your right to hunt. But it’s the best investment you can make in this election. We implore you to clink the link below right now. It will take you directly to the secure, online contribution page for the Pombo campaign. Please consider giving at least $100, or more if you can. The limit on contributions is $2,100. But whatever you are able to give, please do it now, today, so your donation can be put to immediate use.