Grayling Kept Off ESA

Ted please post some links to this travesty. I didn’t know what to do about this aside from spreading this information around. Hopefully it can do some good somehow. I am furious and confused today! How the USFWS could declare that this fish is not warranted for ESA protection is a complete mystery, it just makes no sense. I guess they are expendable since now they have no protection beyond what the state is currently providing and they can now say they no longer have to do even what little they have been doing. Funds for habitat work are going to evaporate just like the river this fish lives in. I have been waiting for these special grayling to join the ESA list since 1994 when the USFWS found they were warranted for ESA listing but precluded by higher priority species. The ranchers actually dried up the river during the spawn a few years ago and now they can do it every year without fear of reprisals (by the feds, not me). They also blocked the entire river in half a dozen places last summer when the river was closed to fishing because of the low water they created. DAMN, what is going on here? I did e mail the Center for Biological Diversity and pledged a large donation if they sue to get this fish on the list, right now they are its only hope for survival. I did leave a message with the guys in the state Grayling program too. They must be as confused as I am and thinking that their jobs may not last. It just seems as if anything I can do is not going to be enough now that our government is on the ranchers side and seemingly against the Grayling. A sad day in America for anyone who loves grayling. Chris Brozell Dillon Montana