Restore SAM

RESTORE SAM Says: April 4th, 2007 at 7:29 pm We would like to announce the launch of our website. Please take a minute to read our material and be sure to leave comments. We are interested in hearing your opinions. — Dear Restore SAM: I have moved your comment from the Welcome section, and made it a post. Better for discussion purposes. Forgive me, but I am extremely suspicious of your group. First, you accuse SAM of representing “special interests,” but you decline to state what special interests these might be. If they are developers and property-rights whackos, you have a point. If they are enlightened sportsmen working to defend native ecosystems, you don’t. Second, since SAM seems to be bootstrapping itself from a perfectly dreadful, anti-conservation organization to one that shows real potential for reform, just what are you attempting to “restore” it to? Third, you have made no specific charges against SAM or George Smith. Instead you have made vague references to some kind of split among sportsmen that you allege SAM or Smith or both have somehow fomented. There are countless excellent reasons to dump George Smith. His support for Plum Creek’s grotesque development scheme in the wildest and most beautiful land and water in the East, for example. But you have not named one. Why? There are some terrific people working with and for SAM. Gary Corson of SAM’s Fishing Initiative Committee comes first to mind. SAM has recently taken some intelligent positions that really are in the best, longterm interests of sportsmen. I am especially encouraged by the bill it recently introduced to ban live baitfish (not ice fishing) from a few of the “B List” ponds–where brookies are self-sustaining and haven’t been defiled by hatchery fish in at least 25 years. Something tells me you don’t agree. Am I wrong? I am similarly encouraged by SAM’s courageous efforts to control the ongoing pollution of the state with splake (a grotesque Frankenstein fish that threatens wild brook trout and degrades the ecological conscience of sportsmen). Something tells me you don’t agree. Am I wrong?