Too Many Moutain Lions?

Tom’s a good guy and a good writer who usually gets stuff right. But he has bought into some major-league BS here, and the current approach to cougar recovery in the West is symptomatic of our touchy-feely, oh-so-precious, wimpy, PC society that can’t stand the minor dangers that sometimes come with wild nature. Yes, there are things outdoors that can kill and injure you and your llamas. If you can’t accept that, don’t go outdoors and keep your llamas in the barn. Don’t go to Alaska, because there are grizzlies there. Don’t go to the Southwest because there are black widow spiders there. In fact, don’t go to Massachusetts because we have copperheads and timber rattlers. Finally, hunters can’t have it both ways. They can’t beat themselves on the chest for taking the place of natural predators in ungulate control and then demand the elimination of natural predators when they recover. Mt lions are protected, so attacks are on the rise See also this example of 1920s management: