Four Seasons Resort Spells Doom for Caribbean Natural Treasure

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, renowned for providing the rich and famous with luxury getaways, is facing criticism from bird lovers for its plans to build a new resort over the last stronghold of the critically endangered Grenada Dove. In a letter to Four Seasons Chairman and CEO Isadore Sharp, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) called on the industry leader to either pull out of the project or alter it to protect the endangered dove’s habitat. The letter is available at Mt. Hartman National Park is the world’s last stronghold of the Grenada Dove, which on the edge of extinction, with a total population of no more than 100 individuals. The dove occurs on only a small portion of the Caribbean island of Grenada. “The Government of Grenada intends to eliminate and sell off the entire National Park to make room for a sprawling new Four Seasons Resort, including a golf course and hundreds of luxury villas,” said George Fenwick, President of American Bird Conservancy. “If developed as currently planned, this new high-end tourist resort will cause the extinction of the Grenada Dove, Grenada’s National Bird.” The current Four Seasons Resort proposal would encroach upon and degrade the core remaining Grenada Dove habitat. The developer issued a shoddy environmental impact report that greatly understates the damage the resort as now proposed would do to the Grenada Dove’s survival prospects, and provides for no effective means of protection of the Grenada Dove’s habitat. “The fate of the Grenada Dove and one of the Caribbean’s finest National Parks is at the mercy of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts,” said Dr. Paul Salaman, International Program Director of ABC. “Four Seasons should immediately pull out of this deal or face the dubious distinction of directly causing the extinction of a wonderful and emblematic bird species.” # 30 #