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Last week Trout Unlimited's Western Water Project rolled out a new report: Gone to the Well Once Too Often: The Importance of Ground Water to Rivers in the West. The report makes a case to all river lovers that ground and surface water are connected, so that pumping ground water can and in many cases does affect river flows. Because there are too many places in the West where new water users are relying on ground water pumping for irrigation and residential development, our rivers and streams suffer low flows and poor water quality. Fish and wildlife resources and senior surface water right holders, many of who are third-and fourth-generation ranchers, bear the greatest brunt of the problem. The report uses a series of case studies to show the ways in which ground water pumping is inflicting damage on rivers. Then, the report lists common sense approaches to protect rivers and allow local economies to flourish. These strategies include efficient water use; managing water resources together to share shortages and protects river base flows; recharging ground water supplies in wet years; using water banks that bring willing water buyers and sellers together; effective administration of water resources using reliable data and more accurate models; and the reconsideration of existing state regulations and loopholes that exempt thousands of small household wells, which, while small individually, can wreak havoc when allowed in large numbers. The report provides information for citizens, legislators and others to understand the link between ground and surface water and to address challenges surrounding a growing reliance on ground water. We hope you'll take a look - it's on line at www.tu.org - and use the report to protect our rivers. Melinda Kassen Managing Director, Western Water Project Trout Unlimited Colorado roadless areas get another look Summit Daily News (CO), 3-13-07 Group pushing for streams protections The Register-Herald (WV), 3-3-07 Unwild America: Field & Stream (FL), March 2007 Ritter urged to scuttle roadless deal The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (CO), 2-21-07 Resolution threatens Colo. lands The Durango Herald (CO), 2-20-07 Still traveling a bumpy road The Daily Sentinel (CO), 2-11-07 Ritter asks for roadless protections The Durango Herald (CO), 2-10-07 Ritter seeks interim protection for Colorado's roadless areas Associated Press (CO), 2-9-07 Congressmen solicit feedback on Roan Plateau management plan The Associated Press (CO), 2-14-07 Roan Plateau is too special to risk degradation from drilling Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (CO), 2-26-07 Sportsmen in D.C. lobby for Wyoming Range restrictions Star-Tribune (WY), 2-16-07 Pebble proposal rocks state Fairbanks Daily News (AK), 2-9-07 Game refuge debate should begin soon, says lawmakers News Channel 2 KTUU (AK), 2-8-07 Senate bill would create game refuge over Pebble Homer Tribune (AK), 2-7-07 Foes fight Saucon Park nursery The Morning Call (PA), 2-20-07 Study: Conservation, reforms needed to preserve West's groundwater Greeley Tribune (CO), 3-16-07 Outdated laws leave state's rivers in danger of drying up, group says The Arizona Republic (AZ), 3-16-07 Report: Westerners increasingly tapping groundwater supplies Bozeman Chronicle (MT), 3-16-07 Group wary of groundwater crisis Great Falls Tribune (MT), 3-16-07 Groundwater not an endless resource, environmentalists say The Salt Lake Tribune (UT), 3-16-07 Surface and pump water linked Wyoming Tribune-Eagle (WY), 3-16-07 Minimum flows eyed for Colorado River The Aspen Times (CO), 3-15-07 Debate finds water-rights bills half full, half empty Great Falls Tribune (MT), 2-10-07 Protect Water Resources (Editorial) The Day (CT), 2-15-07 It's open season on rainbow trout The Idaho Statesman (ID), 3-17-07 Working to save the brook trout The Star-Ledger (NJ), 3-11-07 Locals trying to help Brook Trout recover Post Star (NY), 3-11-07 Strategy to save brook trout unveiled Ashville Citizen Times (NC), 3-7-07 17 States Announce Strategy for Brook Trout Conservation Fly Fish News Service (CT), 3-7-07 Climate is big issue for U.S. hunters, anglers Reuters (CO), 3-8-07 Angling for a tad more shad in the Delaware Star-Ledger (NJ), 3-6-07 Cleansing waters The News Virginian (VA), 3-5-07 Director hired for West Branch cleanup The Daily Item (PA), 3-2-07 CalTrans donates timber for state and federal agency use The Willits News (CA), 2-28-07 Parasite infects 80,000 Md. trout Baltimore Sun News (MD), 2-15-07 Esopus Creek has a chance to recover Times Herald-Record (NY), 3-13-07 $5 million fine stands Daily Freeman (NY), 2-27-07 Group's goal is to stabilize Crabby Creek Ardmore Main Line Life (PA), 2-15-07 Hatch And Release The Daily News Record (VA), 3-9-07 Students learn to tie that fly The Morning Call (PA), 2-20-07 Ashland trout activist named head of state Trout Unlimited The Daily Press (WI), 2-9-07 To sign up to receive this newsletter or request back issues of Conservation News, please email [email protected]