Dangers of Invasive Species

One of the major obstacle to removing invasive exotics (including fish) is, alas, the environmental community, many members of which are sloppy readers and “know what they know.” They read “Silent Spring,” but they didn’t pay attention to Carson’s central message–the need to protect native ecosystems. Nor have they bothered to learn the difference between what Carson was warning about–“biocides,” as she called them–and “soft,” short-lived herbicides and piscicides. If we can’t use herbicides and piscicides, it’s all over. We can kiss nature and biodiversity goodbye and watch the earth degrade to sterile sameness. The worst offenders I know of are: Wilderness Watch (the most arrogant of the bunch), Northwest Coalition for Alternative to Pesticides, Women’s Voices for the Earth, Center for Biological Diversity, Pacific Rivers Council, Adirondack Council, Friends of the Wild Swan, California Watershed Alliance, Californians for Alternatives to Toxics, local Sierra Club chapters (although the national seems to get it). I know I am leaving out some major players. PLEASE. Can anyone help? If and when I get a more complete list I will make it a sticky. Thanks. www.tonydean.com/issues2.html?sectionid=8377