Wolves Killed All the Elk in Idaho. Now They'll eat all the Hens, then the Kids

"The wuffs follow the elk herds around in the spring and kill the calves as fast as they're born. They kill all the prey first, then they kill all the other predators-mountain lions, bears, coyotes, bobcats. Anyone who likes wuffs doesn't like wildlife. The people in rural Idaho will not let these wuffs kill everything off; it may take civil disobedience. Wasn't there a thing called the Boston Tea Party in your state? I believe in private property. I believe that the U.S. Constitution is supreme, not the Endangered Species Act. We are small, rural Idaho communities that are trying to survive. And then you put out a land piranha like the Canadian wuff that kills everything. Local businesses that depend on tourism are going busted. Who wants to bring their family up here and camp out and worry about their kids being taken down by a wuff?"

-- Ron Gillett of Stanley, Idaho in Audubon magazine