California Trout Stocking Ban

It’s easy to get outraged over this lawsuit and settlement if one doesn’t know the history and, especially, since the Pacific River Council and the Center for Biological Diversity shut down Paiute cutthroat trout restoration, having ignored peer-reviewed literature and, instead, swallowed the ranting of a crackpot chemophobe hook, line, boat and motor. But this time they are right on target. Cal. Fish and Game needs to do environmental review of its trout-stocking program, not just for the protection of imperiled amphibians (though that should matter to every thinking angler) but also for the benefit of wild, native salmonids. No one is suggesting that trout stocking be stopped in these waters. Just put on hold until the state figures out where to stock and where not to stock. Trout and trout fishermen will benefit in the long run. If you doubt this, ask Cal. Trout and Trout Unlimited. I just did. They’re 100 percent behind the lawsuit and settlement.