Obama to Name Green Dream Team

America’s Energy Future Wakes from Long Executive Branch Nightmare

Turn on the news at 5:00 pm Eastern today and you can watch history being made.

At a press conference in Chicago, President-elect Barack Obama will announce his nominees for his energy and environment team, and we could not be more pleased. His choices make this a great day for the League of Conservation Voters and for America’s energy future.

Headlining that list will be LCV Board member and environmental champion Carol Browner, who will spearhead the White House’s global warming and energy policy. Carol is a great friend to the environment and to LCV, and we look forward to working closely with her to ensure that clean energy and global warming remain top priorities for Mr. Obama’s administration.

Carol will be joined by Nobel Prize winning physicist Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy; Nancy Sutley, a longtime friend of the California League of Conservation Voters, as the head of the Council on Environmental Quality; and Lisa Jackson as EPA Administrator. This green dream team is principled, pragmatic, and knows how to get the job done. Joining with other Cabinet experts on energy like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Commerce Bill Richardson, this talented group will quickly establish America as the world’s leader in clean energy. Under their direction, we will achieve Barack Obama’s visionary plan to harness renewable energy sources, rebuild our economy, strengthen our security and solve the challenges of global warming.

For information on the individual team members, check out our press release.

As the media discussed these appointments in the last week, LCV has been the #1 source for impartial and accurate information on environmental policy. CNN, MSNBC, and other top outlets have adopted LCV’s nickname for these leaders, the “Green Dream Team.” In the nation’s leading newspapers and most watched TV shows, LCV’s opinion on these leaders has been a top story.

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--League of Conservation Voters