St. Croix to alewives

Ignorance and stupidity among sportsmen is, alas, rampant everywhere, but especially in Maine.A while back Maine Downeast bass guides got a bill introduced to halt all dam removal.It failed, but sponsor then Rep. Albion Goodwin (D-Pembroke) predicted future success.He told me he had it straight from the guides that native alewives would wipe out alien smallmouths if they re-colonized the St. Croix drainage (this despite the fact that the two species happily coexist everywhere else they share habitat).Eight years ago Goodwin succeeded with a bill to prohibit the state from allowing passage of alewives (along with everything else that negotiates the St. Croix) without a vote of the legislature.Most of Maine's lawmakers swallowed it all hook, line, boat and motor.

Goodwin in full cry was something to behold."We have dams all over the state, and people are trying to tear them all out," he lamented."It's dangerous because you're gonna form up about 1,500 terrorists.You know what a terrorist cell is?It's a person who lives on a pond that pays taxes and has a little dock and a canoe, and he wakes up one morning and he lives on a brook that's a half a mile away.The director of Inland Fish and Wildlife cannot introduce alewives without a vote of the legislature.That's what I did with my bill.That includes the Marine Resources idiot, too.They're two commissioners from away--one from Arizona and one from Virginia.I told the governor to hire a Maine person who knows the lakes and rivers, but *he's* from Virginia.What does he care?Fred Kircheis [then director of the Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission] is running for cover 'cause I told him I was all done funding him.I'll shut him off, and he'll start running back to Minnesota.The goddamed Canadians wanted to raise alewives for fertilizer and bait.I told those sons of bitches to build a fishway on their side of the river.I sent 'em all packing: 'Get the hell out of Calais before I have you run out as terrorists.'And away they went a-running."