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Critics say species list is endangered

Though the bald eagle has rebounded, others are dying off. Critics blame an agency that's underfunded and in turmoil.,0,4518479.story?coll=ktla-home-4

The American Recreation Coalition

The American Recreation Coalition was born as a direct response to the petroleum crisis of 1979. It's mission was to ensure that Congress did nothing to infringe upon the use of gasoline for recreation and tourism. ARC's earliest supporters included Chevron,

Working Wilderness and Other Code Words

Guest Opinion: George Wuerthner's On the Range By George Wuerthner, 7-08-07 My former wife, Mollie, had many positive influences upon me. Among other things she also taught me the importance of words. Early in our relationship, I was telling her about some the

Recreational Shooting of Prairie Dogs: A Portal for Lead Entering Wildlife

Journal of Wildlife Management Article: pp. 103-108 %7C Abstract %7C PDF (143K) JONATHAN N. PAULI1,a, STEVEN W. BUSKIRK Department of Zoology and Physiology, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY 82071, USA Although lead shot has been banned for waterfowl hunting in