First, the original article. Then, short selections from a very long response on the "Thumpertalk" forum.Think there's attitude problem among ORVers?



"The fire and subsequent erosion are not caused by OHVers. The irresponsible land management was brought on by the mismanegement of the Cleveland NF. Did they clear the brush to prevent wildfire? Hell no. Closing areas to OHVers following fires is just another knee jerk way to close public lands to OHV ers. To suggest that a Dirt Bike is causing damage riding a road or trail is absurd. The fire killed animals, destroyed habitat, removed vegetation, which can reduce landslides and provide habitat for the animals. The trails and roads remain intact following a wildfire. It certainly is not a pretty sight. However, the suggestion that dirt bikes riding a road is going to prevent vegetation from coming back is absurd".

"This article is another example as they lock the public out and then blame the riders for riding. Excuse me, but the question is why is the public locked out? So riders could recreate legally".

"It has been a long tradition of the USFS to close OHV trails and roads illegally".

"I will not support the authors emotional rant, based on ones ignorant and prejudice anti-OHV position".

"With all the lies I have been told at these route designation meetings and the tens of thousands of miles of roads and trails that will be closed soon in R5 (Pacific Southwest region), I too will soon join riders riding illegally. The public should be managed to recreate on public lands, closure is not good management. Nor is no land management to keep lands clear, trees and brush thinned and/or cleared to provide defensible space to prevent these large wildfires".

The dirt bike rider depicted in the picture are not causing any resource damage riding a road."