Klamath dams to be removed under new deal

Wet Boots: An Introduction

Austin McPherson

Testimonial: Flyfishing in Dallas has its boundaries, and I can only fish for bluegills so many days out of the week without getting a little antsy. So I went to college in Virginia to play football and I found myself surrounded by trout streams. Virginia is not exactly a trout fishing mecca, but it sustained me for four years through college. I quickly became obsessed with fishing, and tried to go whenever I could. I worked on the Delaware River last summer and gained some incredible knowledge from some very talented flyfishermen at the Delaware River Club.

Summer Steelhead

My friend Ryan's summer steelhead.

I have already begun to hear stories of the lower Deschutes blowing up with aggressive summer-run steelhead. Although the summer fish are smaller now than in prime time, they are also more aggressive. Landing more than one steelhead on the same day in the winter is rare, but having a multiple fish day in the summer is a definite possibility. Switching from sinking lines to floating lines and fishing wet flies that hang just below the surface or sometimes waking dry flies is a welcome transition. However, on the local Portland rivers, that line adjustment is not made as quickly or often.

What the Hell is a Geoduck?

In Washington State’s Puget Sound, the world’s largest burrowing clams have spawned a fledgling aquaculture industry as well as a battle over beach access, aesthetics, and possible damage to birds, fish, and other marine life. But the issues of environmental stewardship are far from black