Climate Change Legislation Urged

Urgent Plea for Enactment of Carbon Fees and Ban on New Coal-Fired Power Plants without Carbon Sequestration
Dear Senators and Representatives:
We are writing to you about the urgent problem of climate change. Each of us has approximately two decades of public-sector experience in environmental


Agency Engages in "Biological McCarthyism" by Targeting Puma as Bighorn Gain

Yuma - The Arizona Game and Fish Department has been making misleading statements about the role pumas play in bighorn population levels and has had to issue one public correction. Other uncorrected

How Sportsmen Hurt Themselves

Many sportsmen, including me, have major issues with some of the positions taken by the HSUS and would like to see the group concentrate less on, say, keeping feral equids on publicly owned wildlife habitat and more on, say, looking after the welfare of pets. So, when HSUS does what we want it to,