Bureaucratic Stupidity

I just tried and failed to get a 2010 New York Marine License online from the NY Department of Conservation. As one of the most ardent supporters of saltwater licenses it grieves me to see this kind of bureaucratic stupidity and ineptitude. I had arranged to take friends fishing at Montauk for five days last September. DEC informed me that I’d need a saltwater license beginning on Oct. 1. Oh, and they would be available online the last week of September. But they were not. Oh, but they would be available at stores and “maybe online” on Oct. 1. That didn’t help me because I would be on the water at daybreak on Oct. 1 and didn’t have a computer and printer onboard. I kept phoning until someone decided, oh yeah, they really were available and mailed one to me. That ridiculous process took hours. Today, after filling out all kinds of forms on the state website just as I did last September, the state tried to sell me a hunting license, then a freshwater fishing license. I finally phoned a number they provided and was placed on hold for 20 minutes. Great way to garner public support!