New Online Firm Launches Website to Help Fishing-Related Businesses and Connect Anglers

New media entity, Go SPORTn Inc., unveils its first site,, to revolutionize how anglers and the angling business connect

GoSportn Inc., a start-up social media and technology company, today unveiled its first product,, a Web platform that aims to establish a large, inter-connected audience of anglers and the angling businesses by making innovative use of Google and Facebook, as well as other online technologies.

GoFISHn is a social media and marketing platform that invites businesses, such as guides, charters, lodges and gear makers, to create powerful, Google, Facebook and Twitter-connected profiles that enable self-publishing of fishing reports, photo galleries, video posts, gear reviews, question and answers and more. Those profiles and updates are highly optimized for search results, which helps businesses get discovered in Google. The updates also pass into the profile-owners Twitter and Facebook feeds. Non-business owners can set up lighter-weight “angler” profiles, and any member may follow any other member’s profile updates. All the information published on the platform is public.

“Fishing is one of America’s greatest pastimes, and the more than 30 million anglers in the United States alone spend $45 billion a year of gear, travel and related services,” says Ned Desmond, President and founder of Go Sportn. “We believe there is an opportunity to create a really large scale site online that reflects the enormous scale and passion of the angling world.“

In addition to profiles, the site offers a deep database of fishing-related businesses, such as guides and charters, and lists those both in a map view and in search results. There is also a special question-and-answer area and gear-review section. The site also offers thousands of pages of detailed, authoritative information from a variety of licensed sources on fish species, fishing destinations, gear and technique. The design of the site is simple, intuitive and reflects the norms social-giant Facebook has established for social interactions online.

Among the premium features on small business accounts are a custom url, profile analytics, a larger branding area, a “services” section for business details, preferred listing in a variety of ways throughout the site and assistance setting up an account. Business profiles are available on a subscription model, beginning at $24.99/month after a two month free trial. Non-business, “angler” accounts are free.

“What we’ve done,” says Desmond, “is apply elements of Facebook’s success to the marketing challenges of small businesses in the fishing world, and at the same time drawn in a non-business fishing audience to participate alongside the pros. We believe this will create an efficient way for businesses to get more marketing leverage online and for all anglers to tell their stories and show their pictures, too. If in the end we get everyone out fishing more often, GoFISHn will be a success.”

Prior to forming Go Sportn Inc., Desmond was the president of Time Inc. Interactive, the team that conceived many of that publisher’s biggest online successes. He has also held leadership roles at other divisions of Time Inc., Disney and Infoseek.

GoSportn Inc. is a start-up social media and technology company based in California and Maryland. For more information, visit