Skewering Grools (Thread Closed)

This just in:

“Hey Ted: If you want a good laugh, log onto and read the latest thread bashing catch-and-release. In their never-ending diatribe against no-kill and fly fishing the Grools are getting eaten alive by this fly-fishing conservationist named "Matt", obviously an English major. All I know about him is that he runs a really great organic coffee house (Matt's Coffee in Waterville, Maine) and, save for two or three other guys, is the only poster who is not and is capable of writing an intelligible sentence. He nukes the Grools, often in one sentence. Here’s one that made me spray my OJ all over the breakfast table: ‘I thought I was doing my part to ensure that other anglers could have a quality experience for themselves…. As a catch-and-release angler I am viewed as a selfish ahole by the very anglers I thought I was helping out. So I might as well get mine…. I am no longer a dbag ahole ffing c&r angler… I'm a meat angler from now on.’”