American Museum of Fly Fishing About to Respond to Criticism Generated by this Blog

Well, these little birds keep leaving droppings in my email box. This just went out to the board members of the American Museum of Fly Fishing. The VEEP may, as certain of the museum’s board members and staff predicted, “fill the room” at the spring meeting. But despite all the convoluted excuses in this draft form letter, applying green lipstick to arguably the most vicious and dangerous fish enemy of our generation in a quest for money is bald whoring, hardly what we’d expect from this venerable institution.

From the museum to its board:

This is the proposed letter to the Vice President's assistant for review and, upon approval, to those who have communicated to the Museum objecting to or commenting upon our selection of the Vice President as an honoree.

Dear [Name]:

We have received your letter/e-mail expressing concern that The American Museum of Fly Fishing has extended an invitation to Vice President Dick Cheney to be the guest speaker at a Museum-sponsored dinner in 2009. While we appreciate your opinion regarding our selection of the Vice President, and your evident interest in the activities that this Museum undertakes, we are excited to hold this dinner and the Board and staff are honored that the Vice President has agreed to attend. We hope that you continue to support the Museum and its mission.

The Museum's Articles of Association identify its purpose to include the preservation of fly fishing "memorabilia for education of the general public on the history of fly fishing ..." The back cover of our award-winning journal, The American Fly Fisher, confirms this purpose by noting in each issue that the Museum serves as a repository for rods, reels, flies, tackle, art, books, and artifacts relating to the rich heritage of fly fishing.

Among the Museum's prized collections is one that contains the fishing equipment used by past presidents of the United States, regardless of their performance in office, their political leanings, or their current or past reputations. Our premier traveling exhibition, Anglers All, highlights the fly fishing paraphernalia of former presidents Carter, Coolidge, Hoover, Eisenhower, F. D. Roosevelt, and George .H.W. Bush. Controversy attended the administrations of each of these men. Fly fishing rods, reels, and flies of internationally acclaimed entertainers, writers, and industrialists, among other well-known people, grace our collections. We did not vet any of these contributions using a standard of political popularity nor could we serve the Museum's overarching purpose had we done so. The Museum's commitment to the total history of fly fishing is inclusive.

Vice President Dick Cheney is a significant historical figure in this country and the world and an avid, lifelong fly fisherman. The Museum is a nonpolitical institution that seeks to enhance its collections and richly preserve fly fishing artifacts, including those used by major figures in our own country's history, as we have done for decades.

We hope that this letter assists in expressing our reasons for honoring the Vice President and accepting his fly fishing artifacts into the Museum as a part of its permanent collection.

Very truly yours,

Cathi Comar
Executive Director