Ex-Game Warden John Whalen Considered for Commissioner of Maine Dept. of IF&W

Ex-game warden and current smelt farmer, John Whalen, is being interviewed by Maine’s Governor-elect Paul LePage for the position of commissioner of the state’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. http://www.georgesmithmaine.com/articles/georges-outdoor-news/december/2010/ifw-next I cannot imagine a worse choice.

This position requires a uniter. But Whalen is one of the state’s most divisive voices on Internet websites and hardcopy publications, continually driving wedges between sporting groups. For example he has suggested that illegal stocking by “bucket biologists might be the work of members of Trout Unlimited and the Dud Dean Angling Society: “You know what I think,” he wrote in one post on an anti-environmental site called New England Outdoor Voice on which he is a regular. “I think we have been looking at the wrong crowd for the "BB's" (bucket bio's)..... need an issue.... create one. Could it be that there is a squad of BB's within the "bowels" of DDAS or TU or some other organization???? There is a whole bunch of circumstantial clues and hints of something serious and sinister going on in this area and I think the "noise" coming from some sectors may in fact be "cover smoke" for the real perps....”

"Ethically, the fly fishermen don't like ice fishing," Whalen told The Wall Street Journal. "They view it as consumptive, removing 'resource' from the environment." Whalen defines advocates of proposed legislation to control the introduction of alien baitfish (one species of which he raises) as "ring-tailed barstards [sic]" out to "eliminate ice fishing and general law fishing opportunities and to just screw with traditional Maine fishers."

In another post on New England Outdoor Voice. Whalen reports that when he was a Maine game warden he was “involved in a judicial matter involving a very high ranking official” and “no one in the agency backed [him] up.” And he wrote that he’d “rather be hung out to dry than to join the corrupt!!”

Has he changed his mind?