Environmental soap opera along US-Mexico border

This writer is moron who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’ve been down there, inspecting the fence. It’s a $5 billion joke to appease Midwest crazies. The only thing it interdicts is wildlife; and it promises to wipe out U.S. populations of mammals that must trade between the border for genetic viability. Mexicans and other nationals just drive up to where it stops and walk across or--if they’re in more of a hurry--they drive trucks up, climb on the roof and jump over. As we were canoeing down the Rio Grande my party surprised about a dozen illegal aliens who were swimming across. They fled back to Mexico. Obama supported the fence. If his administration is now listening to “environmentalists” on this issue (and I see little sign of thant), then good for him! http://blogs.ajc.com/bob-barr-blog/2009/11/23/environmental-soap-opera-along-us-mexico-border/