Lawmakers criticize Missouri River flood response

My pal from Iowa writes:

But that's Iowa, where, as I recall, we annually pile up more flood damage costs than almost any other state but still resist land-use planning, effective flood plain zoning, and *gasp!* any effort to regulate agriculture, which covers most of the state and is a major cause of the problem.

And as a side note, we Iowans are putting in new drainage tile so fast the companies that do it can barely keep up with the demand. We are adding upland pattern tile to every field that will hold still long enough to be excavated, including some that are sloped(!). One farmer told me the payback time for new tiling, with corn and bean prices being so high, is down to only two or three years, so we're sending our polluted water downstream as fast as possible. Look out, Dead Zone, here it comes.|topnews|text|Frontpage