Moments ago, the Senate voted down the outrageous Rand Paul Dirty Air Assault, 56 to 41!

This is a huge victory for life-saving clean air protections that keep our kids and communities safe – and a direct repudiation of the radical and lavishly funded polluter assault on our right to breathe clean air that won't kill us or make us sick.

Our Online Action Network did more than its share to help beat this back. In just the last few weeks, 100,000 of you sent emails to your Senators – a truly inspiring display of grassroots power that made sure our collective voices were heard. Thank you to everyone who took action on this important issue.

While we should celebrate our victory today, the fight for clean air and climate action is far from over.

Just yesterday, yet another dirty air bill was introduced in the Senate. This one, sponsored by Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Dan Coats (R-IN), would delay EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution Rule by three years (this is the same rule the Paul bill would have taken off the books). And just for good measure, the Manchin-Coats bill would also delay the Mercury Air Toxics rule for two years.

Every year both of these rules are blocked will result in up to 51,000 premature deaths from dangerous air pollution exposure.

All of these dirty air assaults have one fatal flaw in common – they promote the bizarre notion that more toxic air pollution will magically grow our economy. Over many years of clean air protections, we know the opposite to be true.

--Environmental Defense Action Fund