Nature lovers ride to rescue

A cavalry made up of sportsmen, conservation groups and San Luis Valley residents have charged to the rescue of public lands along the upper Rio Grande just days before those lands were to be sacrificed to energy development.
Faced with a public outcry and 100 formal protests, the U.S. Bureau

Food or fuel?: Corn ethanol a culprit in food price increase

The food-versus-fuel debate is likely to get hotter, as food shortages in countries as widespread as Haiti, Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia and Somalia grow more lethal.
The prices of food, especially grains, have risen sharply in recent months, sending grocery bills higher in developed countries

Gas industry attacks environment rules

A slate of new environmental rules will reduce natural gas production and drive up costs for consumers in Colorado and nationwide, according to an industry-funded study provided to state regulators this week.
The Colorado Oil and Gas Association contracted with Virginia-based ICF International

Gas trucks 'destroy' Rulison road

Natural-gas contractor trucks are destroying a Garfield County road in Rulison they should not use anyway, county road and bridge officials recently told the county Energy Advisory Board.
County Road 309 between County Roads 223 and 301 is not an approved truck haul route, said Administrative

Aid for polar bears? Well, maybe...

With eight months remaining of an eight-year administration oblivious to industry's impact on the planet, Americans must take environmental comfort where we can. This week's recognition by Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne that the polar bear is a threatened species certainly comes under that category.

Vandals Destroy Shorebird Fencing

A comment from the "Red Drum Forum," home of the ugliest, me-first, access-at-any-cost redneck ORV riders. "Anytime that a violation occurs it is automatically us 'dumb, redneck, beer swilling, ORV riding beach ruiners?'" Well, not "automatically," just