Iowa Farm Bureau Cries in its Beer

From my pal in Iowa:

Per below, my favorite part is where the Iowa Farm Bureau, which has been lobbying against all efforts to clean up Iowa's water for the past several decades (not to mention anything that might contribute to clean water, like giving the DNR first right of refusal when wetlands come up for sale), criticized Heathcote's vote because she belongs to a "special-interest group." Bwahahahaha! Their logo should be in the dictionary next to "gall."

Of course the Council barely has any money, whereas the IFB...well, you know.

My second-favorite part is where the IFB tries to imply that they are protecting "Iowa communities." HAR! They are the first to post news of any raw-sewage release by a municipal sewage treatment plant on their website, as part of their seldom-subtle campaign to convince Iowans that even if Iowa water is horrible, which they've sort of kind of had to finally concede it is, farmers are not to blame.