Open Position: Director of Fisheries Outreach

Marine Fish Conservation Network
Securing a prosperous fishing future.

About us
Our nation’s fisheries were in crisis—until we built the alliance that turned the tide.

Twenty years later, we’re closer than ever to ending overfishing and restoring health to US fish stocks.

How have we done it? By looking across traditional sectoral boundaries, and building trusted relationships with the people for whom fisheries matter most: people who value healthy fisheries for their food, livelihoods, and way of life.

Our hub-based orientation allows us to respond to problems in real-time by bringing together the stakeholders who matter—when it matters most. We work hard; we have fun. And even though we have a long and proud history as an NGO, our new team, our can-do culture and our nimble operating style have us running more like a startup.

About the job
Want to fight pirates? We’re seeking a Director of Fisheries Outreach to pioneer new strategies against pirate fishing and seafood fraud. Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (‘pirate’) fishing floods global markets with unsustainable fish products, accounting for perhaps 24% of global supply. Seafood fraud allows these and other seafood products to reach our plates under the cloak of a false label. Both practices are destructive to global fisheries, jeopardize the integrity of science-based management measures, rob consumers of choice, and threaten the livelihoods of American fishermen who play by the rules.

Are you outraged yet? Good. It will be your job to stop this. You’ll need to mobilize a coalition of fishermen to secure a new approach.

Yup, we’re going to be asking a lot of you. In close consultation with other team members, you’ll develop and direct a program to build support for a binding seafood traceability system in the United States. You’ll also be our lead on outreach to commercial and recreational fishermen on a full spectrum of issues. And you’ll be the principal fisheries policy expert on staff.

About you
You are motivated, a self-starter, passionate, policy-literate, and fun. You think outside the box, you always ask why (and are always prepared to answer), and you’d rather be on the water than in a conference room.

You have stellar communications skills—you frequently interact with people who aren’t just like you and you enjoy doing it. You listen well, and read between the lines.

But you’re also a policy geek. Not only do you get excited discussing arcane provisions of MSA, but you can speak for hours about all the things that make the law awesome, all the things that don’t, and exactly what you’d do to make it more awesome in the future.

Think we’re a good fit? Drop us a line! Email one of our team, or [email protected].