Great Comment from Worceter Telegram Online

...Re. the absurd, embarrassing position of the city and Bob Moylan, commissioner of Worcester Dept. of Public Works and Parks who is trying to return Worcester from the late 20th century (where it is now) to the 19th. Now Moylan is telling the city to "gut the Clean Water Act." Good luck with that. Bob just keeps digging deeper and deeper.


Truth Be Told wrote:
Moylan’s stating data USGS provides to EPA is faulty? Doubtful.

His crew of twits want waived limitations even though they’ll impact water for communities downstream, allowing Worcester to whiz on another community!

Seems Moylan and Cox love it when they’re drinking CDM’s “Kill CWA & EPA” Kool-Aid” Meanwhile Moylan & Walsh still try scamming downstream quality improvements from the Blackstone. Bet if they had to drink the water they’d change their tune fast!