Cool Fire Starter

Recently a fishing buddy at our Quebec brook-trout club showed me a fire starter he’d invented. The stuff takes very little space (size of wine cork), is odorless, and you get an instant blaze even when it’s dripping with water. I watched it burn for ten minutes. Slick as a peeled onion.

Derek Trott is looking to grow interest in the U.S. and find people to carry his product that he’s calling “Instaflam.” The material is all natural--wood wool and food-grade paraffin. Good for survival, fishing and hunting camps, shore lunches, home fireplaces, woodstoves, even charcoal BBQs.

Each piece can be unrolled in order to make a small nest of fiber in case you want to use a flint.

If you want to learn more about it, contact Derek at: 450-532-3212 or