How Do Birds Beat the Heat?

Audubon Wingspan: Atlantic Flyway Edition News from the Network August 16, 2012 Atlantic Flyway Edition
Birds Keep Their Cool, Even in Summer
This sure has been one scorcher of a summer. Ever wonder how wild birds cope when the mercury rises? Turns out birds have evolved unique behaviors to beat the heat. And they are adapting to springs that feel like summers, and summers that feel like scorchers. Read more.Hay is for...Harriers?
In much of the country, birds depend on private lands like farms and fields to find food, shelter, and nesting spots. In upstate New York, farm owner Gail Miller enlisted the help of Audubon New York to make her land a welcoming place for grassland birds such as Bobolinks, Savannah Sparrows, and Northern Harriers. Like the land itself, an appreciation for birds has been handed down in the Miller family for generations. Read more. 'Exit the Highway' to See More Birds & Win a Prius!
Female Red-winged Blackbird and chick at Green Cay Nature Center, Boynton Beach, FL. Photos can be shared online at Ever wonder what's just off the interstate you're barreling down? Turns out there are remarkable natural experiences to enjoy, no matter where you're headed. 'Exit the Highway,' a collaboration between Audubon and Toyota, encourages drivers to take the scenic route, with detailed nature itineraries around the country. Our favorite bird-filled journeys include stops in San Diego, New York City, and Chicago. Pledge to take the scenic route to earn a chance to win a Toyota Prius v. Read more. BACK-TO-SCHOOL Audubon in the Classroom Summer may be nearly over for kids everywhere but the adventures continue in school. Audubon’s award-winning environmental education kits offer in-class eco-experiences that are mind-expanding and promote critical thinking. For elementary and middle schoolers. Read more. MIGRATING MARVELS It's Almost Hummertime! Hummingbirds, the mighty midgets of the bird world, soon take to the flyways on their southward migration throughout much of the country. If you have a hummingbird feeder, now’s the time to get it in shipshape. Here's how. Photos: Great Blue Herons - (C)2008 Phil Hauck/Flickr Creative Commons; Gail Harris - Ben Stechschulte; Red-winged Blackbirds - Andrew Wolff/Exit the Highway; Audubon Adventures - Kristin Olexsak; Hummingbird - Michael Myers/Flickr Creative Commons

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