Service Proposes to Expand Hunting and Fishing Opportunities on National Wildlife Refuges

he U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today opened a 30-day comment period on a
proposal which would increase hunting opportunities on three national
wildlife refuges in Louisiana - - Bayou Cocodrie, Tensas River and Upper
Ouachita. The proposal includes a new turkey hunting opportunity

Senate Climate Debate Ends After Democrats Fall Short of Votes

U.S. Senate Democrats halted debate on climate-change legislation after failing to get the 60 votes needed to move to a final vote.
A motion to limit debate and move to a vote was defeated 48-36. The outcome was expected by bill supporters as it faced opposition from Republicans and concern over

State revenue vs. WY elk

CHEYENNE -- The five elected officials who sit on the Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners are faced with a decision on a project that could generate $24 million per year for the state's school trust but also may disturb critical elk winter range.
At issue is an application from Cimarex Energy

Ocean fishing for sport faces fee

About time! This is like the nasty medicine that sick four-year-olds spit out until their nose is held and they're finally cured.