Conservation Hawks Defend America’s Sporting Legacy

New group educates hunters and anglers on biggest threats

to outdoors opportunities, natural resources

BIGFORK, Mont. – Sportsmen have a new resource to protect fish and wildlife populations and hunting and fishing opportunities: Conservation Hawks is a new conservation group dedicated to educating hunters and anglers on the most important threats to our natural resources and outdoors traditions.

A non-partisan group run by passionate, dedicated sportsmen, Conservation Hawks’ mission is to “defend our sporting heritage and pass on a healthy natural world to future generations of Americans.”

Conservation Hawks believes climate change is this century’s most important threat to sportsmen. The group’s initial efforts will focus on informing and mobilizing the sporting community on the issue. “It’s time to stand up and show we give a damn about our kids and our grandkids – and about our hunting and fishing,” said CH Founder and Chair Todd Tanner. “If we don’t get a handle on climate change, we’re putting everything we care about at risk.”

Conservation Hawks supports a science-based approach to climate change and climate change mitigation. The organization is convinced that America’s conservation legacy will evaporate and benefits from past habitat projects will disappear if future greenhouse gas emissions can’t be controlled.

Wildlife biologist William Geer, the climate change initiative manager for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and a former director of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, sits on the Conservation Hawks board of directors. “As a biologist,” Geer stated, “I can tell you that climate change is real and that it’s already impacting our fish and wildlife. As a father and grandfather, I can tell you that global warming scares the hell out of me.”

Conservation Hawks is registered as a Montana nonprofit public benefit corporation and has received tax exempt status from the Montana Department of Revenue. Learn more about Conservation Hawks and its vision for the future of hunting and angling.

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