Important MA Striper Bill Please Help

I am asking my friends and fishing acquaintances for a real favor. It is not often that I am so compelled but this is one of those important moments that I feel it is necessary to act…to get off my butt and actually make a difference.

As you all know the stripers are in trouble and that the commercial influence and pressure on the regulators is making the situation worse. There is a Conservation Bill plus two others that will directly impact wild striped bass coming up for a hearing on Feb 28th at the State House in Boston… and we need live bodies to make a statement… we need your help… we need you to be there if it’s at all possible!

Our plans are to provide transportation from the Cape/So. Shore, metro west and the North shore to make it easy for you to attend. Invite a friend to join you. Your presence and testimony will be very important.

There will be three Bills heard that day:

  1. The Conservation Bill which prohibits the commercial sale of wild stripers, has a slot limit component, reduces the recreational harvest by 50% and sets the commercial quota aside for conservation.
  2. A health Bill that asks for the testing of all wild striped bass for potentially harmful contaminants and the issuing of warnings if appropriate.
  3. A Bill that directs the State to manage the wild striped bass for its greatest economic value/return to the Commonwealth.

There is going to be a tidal wave of opposition to all three Bills from commercial interests for the obvious reasons. However we have some strong Bill sponsors and feel that with a significant turn-out we have a really good chance of making progress… of saving our bass.

This is really important. I don't ask this sort of thing very often. Please be there if you can. We, you and I have a real opportunity to personally make a difference in the conservation of our wild and threatened striped bass. Come to Boston and let’s get these Bills passed.

Please contact me for more information and for transportation details. Thank you so much for helping out.
Dean Clark
Co-Chair MA Stripers Forever
[email protected]

P.S. if you cannot make it, you can email a letter supporting the Bills. Contact me for details. Thanks.