PA Trout Threatened

Pennsylvania's state forests are home to some the best remaining native and wild trout habitat in the east. Approximately one-half of Pennsylvania's state forests in the Marcellus Shale area - approximately 700,000 acres-have already been leased, and a state agency has determined that leasing any additional state forest lands will forever alter the wild character and ecological integrity of the state forest system. Despite the science, Gov. Corbett is considering leasing more state forest land to generate revenue to fill gaps in the state budget. The short-term financial benefit gained will be far outweighed by the long-term impacts to the irreplaceable and valuable forests in Pennsylvania - the places where Pennsylvanians have hunted and fished for generations.

Please visit our online action center today and take action to tell Pennsylvania's decision-makers not to sacrifice the currently un-leased state forests - and the water resources and aquatic life that rely heavily upon large contiguous forests - for gas drilling, unless a comprehensive study proves that the ecological integrity of the state forest system will not be compromised.


Katy Dunlap
Eastern Water Project Director
Trout Unlimited
[email protected]

Ken Undercoffer
Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited