FAA Grants Waiver Allowing Ultralight-led Migration to Continue

The ultralight-led migration of nine whooping cranes, on hold in Franklin
County, Alabama, pending FAA clearance, has been given the green light.

Operation Migration, a member of the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership, is
now mobilizing resources to continue guiding the young cranes to their
wintering sites at St. Marks National and Chassahowitzka National Wildlife
Refuges in Florida.

"As soon as the weather clears, we will be back flying," said David
Sakrison, Operation Migration Board Member. "We appreciate the work FAA
has done to help us get back in the air."

Statement from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

“The FAA has granted an exemption to Operation Migration that will allow
pilots to continue to aid the whooping crane migration. Normally, the FAA
limits light sport aircraft and pilots to personal flights without
compensation. Because the operation is in “mid-migration,” the FAA is
granting a one-time exemption so the migration can be completed. The FAA
will work with Operation Migration to develop a more comprehensive,
long-term solution.”

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