Children in the Stream Conference

Children in the Stream Conference ( is a unique four day conference to train youth fly fishing instructors in the community and in schools. The curriculum teaches fly fishing through literature, social studies, science and art and is being presented by experts in these fields!

The goal of the program is to get more kids into the stream and in nature by training teachers and community members on how to start and structure their own youth fly fishing programs in their schools and communities. The conference integrates the sport of fly fishing as the key to understanding and appreciating their environment. The workshops show how literature, science, social studies and art can provide this type of understanding and appreciation. The workshops also provide the the nuts and bolts information needed to set up a program from scratch.

From my own experience as a founder and director of a youth fly fishing program for 14 years, the most difficult part of starting this type of program is addressing the realities one faces in the beginning: resources, liability, equipment and how to effectively integrate the program into a community or school. This is unlike any other program in the country in its interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach. We provide everything needed to customize and start your own program!

Please check out a recent blog about our conference in Orvis News! We have been getting a lot of emails from conservation groups, fly fishing organizations and schools from around the country who are interested in the program.

Please pass this along to those who might be interested in participating or in being a sponsor.

Kind regards,


Alberto Rey
Founder/Director of S.A.R.E.P. Youth Fly Fishing Program
State University of New York Distinguished Professor
Orvis Endorsed Guide