Rehberg says you're a fake

Ben writes:

Please pass this on: Rehberg says you're a fake
Denny Rehberg is defending his anti-hunting, anti-habitat HR 1581 by attacking YOU. “Over the past few years, radical environmentalists have started pretending to be ‘hunters and anglers,’ re-branding their anti-jobs agenda to seem like it’s in the best interest of the outdoor sporting community."

Really, Denny? Really? You're saying my friends are phony hunters and anglers? Really?

Let's politely prove him wrong. Please post your kill shots on the Congressman's Facebook page. Tell him you are against his HR 1581 — the anti-elk hunting bill. Remind him MONTANA hunting groups like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Montana Wildlife Federation and Montana Backcountry Hunters & Anglers are against this bill. Tell him to back off HR 1581.

Dave responds to Denny:
Hey Denny — So, as a life member of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, I’m a liberal pinko socialist environmentalist fake and phony sportsman? Wow, how did you find out?

Here’s my offer:
I’m 66 years old with arthritis and several athletic injuries, including a torn rotator cuff suffered in a fake hunting accident, for which I’m currently undergoing physical therapy.

Let’s strap on 50-pound backpacks and take a little hike together, starting at timberline, say a week or so. We can travel together or alone, each man for himself, and the winner takes all: if you win, I’ll support your elitist elk-destroying bill; if I win, you drop it on the spot. No food – we eat only what we kill and catch. No water: we drink only what natural water we (individually) feel is safe. No shelter other than the clothes we carry and, if you wish, rain suits. Let’s see who’s the “fake” here.

If you don’t care to come to Colorado with our 12,000-foot timberline, I can hook you up with the MT BHA chairman who is 68 years old. He’ll even give you a head start. And believe me, you’ll need it because he is a first class fake outdoorsman.

What are you thinking, Denny? Don’t you know that sportsmen are overwhelmingly republicans? You are attacking your own constituency with your ugly and undemocratic HR 1581. If we followed your lead and extended on it, America would soon be following the failed elitist European model, where only the filthy rich and well connected can hunt.

Are you a fake and phony American?

Catch a clue and drop it.

Sincerely, David Petersen
Captain, USMC HD
Life member: Bakcountry Hunters & Anglers, Trout Unlimited