The National Marine Fisheries Service is floating ideas for future management of Atlantic bluefin tuna, with an emphasis on reducing bycatch of these threatened giants in the United States longline fishery, including in the Gulf of Mexico, the bluefin's only known spawning ground in the western Atlantic Ocean.

NMFS is now seeking comment on a recently-released Scoping Document. The management alternatives that survive this round of public comment and review will be developed and considered through Draft Amendment 7 to the Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Fishery Management Plan later this year.

The issues and objectives under consideration are based on written and oral comments received by the agency over the last several years, recognizing that the U.S. longline fishery has a significant detrimental impact on efforts to restore overfished bluefin tuna to healthy levels.

Visit this page for the full story and instructions on how to comment.

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