Urge fishery managers to protect the ocean's food supply by fixing problems with industrial fishing

This spring, you can help secure real protections for river herring and shad out at sea, where they are taken in vast numbers as unregulated bycatch in industrial fisheries that target Atlantic herring (managed by the New-England Fishery Management Council) and Atlantic mackerel (managed by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council).

Although river herring and shad are small fish, they play an immensely important role in the health of our coastal ecosystems. As food for larger fish, they help sustain commercial and recreational fisheries on the East Coast while contributing to the economies of many coastal river towns. River herring and shad populations are at record low levels. While in-river fisheries have been closed or severely restricted to help rebuild stocks, bycatch in federal ocean fisheries is unregulated and unrestricted.

That can change. Federal fishery managers are now accepting comments on a set of rules to begin regulating industrial fishing in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. They need to hear from you, because if they fail to act, the remaining river herring, shad and other fish that anchor the marine food chain could collapse under the strain of unchecked pressure from massive industrial fishing operations.

See NCMC's web site for full story and instructions on how to submit comments.

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