Baiting Isn't Hunting

Friends -- The below is from Gregg Munther, MT BHA chapter chair and one helluva outdoorsman. I more than second his plea to write the AZ decision-makers right now and tell them that baiting isn’t hunting and in fact keeps real hunters away. I wrote them months ago and shall write again now, to wit: A nonresident deer tag in AZ is a whopping $360. That’s a lot of bucks for tiny Coues bucks that are the single most difficult game for trad bowhunters. There is really no effective way for trad bowhunters like Gregg and myself to hunt these super-spooky whitetail other than ambushing waterholes, which are precious few on AZ public lands. When a baiter comes in he takes over an entire waterhole and effectively prevents ethical hunters from using it. In this way, incrementally over the past few years, I have lost more and more hard-earned “waters” suitable for bowhunting. It sucks and if AZ doesn’t pass the proposal below immediately, I’ll have no choice but to quit my annual trip down there, anywhere from 10 days to several weeks. With gas, license, and other expenses (stores, restaurants) I’m dropping a small fortune (by my humble standards) down there every winter ... while most baiters are either locals or outfitters. If this continues, the net loss of income to AZ will only increase. Whether you ever plan to hunt AZ or not, please do fair chase and fair chance a huge favor and write AZGFD NOW and tell them you won’t hunt in AZ until baiting waterholes is outlawed. Doesn’t have to be long or detailed, but just registering your vote against baiters forcing out ethical hunters. Thank you! Dave Petersen As some of you know, baiting deer is legal in Arizona and is becoming more
prevalent especially for the unique coues deer. There is now an opportunity
to end this practice as the AZ game and fish commission has new rulemaking
proposed for public comment that would ban the a favorite
practice of AZ coues-deer outfitters.

PLEASE help end this practice!! Support this change by contacting AZGFD NOW.
You must email your comments to [email protected].

Deadline for comment is Nov 5 but please do it now before it is forgotten in
the fall hunting rush. Please forward to any hunters that care about hunting
ethics now and in the future. Spread the word far and wide NOW. Outfitters
will be mounting opposition no doubt!!

Here is the text of the proposal:

Proposed Rulemaking Title 12 Natural Resources Chapter 4 Game and Fish
Commission, Article 3 Taking and Handling of Wildlife

".....The rule is amended to prohibit an individual from placing any
substance, device, or object in, on, or near a water source to intentionally
restrict wildlife from using the water source to ensure wildlife have adequate
access to water sources. The rule is amended to prohibit the use of edible or
ingestible substances to attract big game for the purposes of hunting to
proactively address concerns that baiting may facilitate the transmission of
diseases among wildlife and placing substances in the wild that contain toxic
contaminants and may also result in unnatural concentrations of wildlife....."


Greg Munther