Wind About Wind

Wind power is a splendid idea -- but only in the right place Wind Advisory By Ted Williams There is little debate that the United States must overcome its addiction to finite, polluting, globe-warming fossil fuels. So here's a proposal for a cheap, renewable,

Smokies Opens Park Streams to Brook Trout Fishing

A big story for GRSM fisheries…thanks to all who helped us with the brook trout study, restoring brook trout, and providing all the other information necessary to be able to make the decision to open the fishery. Matt Kulp Fishery Biologist Great Smoky


ARE STRIPED BASS IN GOOD SHAPE? The 2004 stock assessment says so, but… By Captain John McMurray Striped bass are exceptionally important to New York and New Jersey anglers and the businesses that they support. That's why many of us raised our eyebrows

Reauthorizing Magnuson

TRCP Marine Conservation Working Group Applauds Call to Action on Magnuson-Stevens Act WASHINGTON  Members of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership's Marine Conservation Working Group (MCWG) strongly support the message delivered today

A Conservationist Speaks Out on the RFA

This from a close friend of mine who is one of the best anglers and dedicated conservationists I know. As far as I'm concerned, he's right on: So now the RFA has filed a lawsuit, and wants to overfish summer flounder. The NMFS scientists told them

Hatchery Narcosis

Hatchery Narcosis Hatcheries provide food, sport, and the chance to save vanishing species. But when politicians use them as substitutes for protecting habitat, it can be disastrous. By Ted Williams Americans adore fish hatcheries. At their home waters, anglers

Stripers Forever Symposium

Stripers Forever Symposium Press Release 1/14/06 %7E The concept of managing the wild striped bass on the Atlantic coast as a game fish for recreational fishermen by ending all commercial harvesting of the species will be discussed in depth by a panel of fisheries, conservation and socio-economics experts at a symposium to be held in Foxboro, MA. on May 20, 2006.

Colorado Energy Leases in Critical Habitat Draw Protests

TRCP objects to proposed oil and gas drilling in native trout, mule deer, sage grouse habitat, urges revision of federal mineral leasing process on public lands

WASHINGTON – Spurred by concerns over the effects of energy development on valuable fish and wildlife habitat, the Theodore

NOAA to Establish Eight Federal Marine Protected Areas in the South Atlantic

Sportfishing community lauds this contrast to fisheries management by proclamation

Alexandria, VA – January 5, 2009 – Industry and fishery conservation groups learned today that the Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Marine