The Good Hunt

Dear friends and The Good Hunt supporters-- We thought you might appreciate an update. Our new website,, is finally up and running, more about which in a moment. The filmmaker, Christopher Daley, was here for a month and got some great scenery, wildlife, even a fly fishing scene, and thoughtful "campfire conversation" between several trad bowhunters. Now back home in Brussels, Christoph has hundreds of hours of film to edit down to about an hour for the main film, plus lots of extras. The original info and fundraising site at was time-limited to 30 days and expired a while back. We've been working on a new permanent site that will track the film's progress through editing, release, screenings, promotion, and DVD sales. Time to time, Chris will post updates, outtakes, stills, samples of the original soundtrack as it comes together, and eventually trailers as the film nears completion, to keep you in the loop. To briefly restate the purpose of this documentary and what makes it unique and why I finally got involved, it is NOT a "hunting video." It's a documentary film about humanity's increasingly complex relationship with wild nature and how true hunting with high ethics and traditional values (woodsmanship, respect for the prey, etc.) can greatly enhance our personal relationship with the wild world and our understanding of ourselves, while unethical and/or inappropriately hi-tech hunting can do just the opposite. The primary target audience is nonhunters and the film will be released throughout Europe as well as the U.S. As an "art" film, nobody expects to make money on this project and we’re not even trying. Rather, we see it as a community project and statement to the world. So thanks again for your enthusiastic support, please keep involved via, and help spread the word. Cheers, Dave Petersen