What the GOP wants to do to YOUR land

If you’ve already seen this, well good as that means it’s getting around. Even the most devout Republicans, if sportsmen or others who care about the single best thing America has ever done for Americans, our vast public lands commons—should be fighting mad about this one and help to vote down these would-be privatizers. Every claim they make in the quoted statement from the platform is untrue. Thanks for reading, passing the word along, and voting to save the best of what’s left of America. Dave Petersen Talk about stealing the commons from the goose!

Friends, Please forgive the mass email. Recently, at the RNC convention, a party platform was adopted that called for the selling off of public lands. Since most of us hunt or fish on public lands and our public lands are crucial to our western economies, I thought it deserved a little expounding upon. As some of you know, I write half of the Outdoor Life Open Country blog about access. Our editor, Andrew McKean has been generous with allowing us to tackle controversial topics. I personally do not care who you vote for, be they Republican or Democrat. What matters is that we the people are informed voters. Please take a moment to read the blog, and leave a comment if you so desire. www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/open-country/2012/09/official-gop-platform-sell-americas-public-land Thanks for all, and happy hunting everyone! --