From Kevin

There is a huge off-road lobby trying to keep the foothills and Front Ranges of Alberta open for mud-bogging, stream-trashing and hill-climbs. Large clearcuts continue to be the preferred forestry approach for the Forest Service and large companies. We're getting more frequent destructive spring floods, and more frequent heat-stressed shrunken streams in summer. Water yield is down 12% in the last half century.
Yet there are only 840 signatures on the watershed petition.
This is my last direct appeal via Facebook, but I am hoping some of the folks who are following my feeds will seriously consider copying the following link (or this whole post) and pasting it into an email and then sending it directly to as many of their contacts as possible. It's the most effective way to get more signatures. If we can't generate enough volume, I'll have to let the petition quietly vanish rather than send the message that fewer than a thousand people care about their water supply and the spectacular, much-abused landscapes that produce it.
Thanks for any extra effort anyone can contribute to give our high country the future it, and we, deserve: