Who knew that foxes liked to play a little golf now and then?

Well, I did ‘cause there's a fox on a golf course 10 miles from my house who does exactly the same thing. And. In addition to golf balls, they like to play with shoes, gloves, shotgun shells, and plastic trucks. Herewith, an item from my "Earth


By Capt. John McMurray The Fisheries Conservation Association (formally the Staten Island and Manhattan Chapters of CCA) held their annual Manhattan Cup on May 19. Despite veritable squalls, hail storms and even a reported funnel cloud that touched down dangerously

How Much Striper Do You Really Need?

IS IT JUST ME??? By Capt. John McMurray Or does reading the local fishing reports annoy the (expletive) out of you also? There's one fairly widespread and comprehensive one that that gets emailed to me daily. Judging by the fact that you are reading this,

Good Splake Letter

From Timothy Gardner to John Boland of the Maine Department of Inland Fish and Wildlife, posted with permission: Excerpt: Can you imagine a bunch of deer biologists sitting around saying, 'I bet if we got some deer together with some nice moose, we could grow