Time for action on climate change is now, Vermont group says

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Climate Change Action Now, says Vermont !

Well, it would seem 43 years later now that Money, being the REAL issue "here," global Climate Changes are causing some self-centered financial concerns of the "inflicted" variety ! I do remember 'Earth Day 1' as a high school senior, and thought long and hard over this "new" revelation, that humans were screwing things up and we needed to "change" (unusual for any long haired kid then) ! I've pretty much been a "conservation freak" ever since and that played into my decision to go to college far away at Utah State for Environmental Sciences (Fisheries Dept.).
BUT, after reading this article and seeing the photos, I (shamefully?) had to smirk with a grin and wonder . . . sorry folks but we're just "a day late and a buck short" on this one ! Yea you could call me a pessimist, but many of the FACTS have been collected, analyzed, given out & Lectured to all those that SHOULD CARE & have the ability to ACT. Anybody see 'Under The Dome" TV program ? Thirty (30) years hence you'll wish you were under a dome, but a dome that protected you from the near unbreathable air on the outside, the toxic ground water and soil neither which can sustain healthy life ! Most of the forests having been burned to cinders and temperature swings SO Drastic it would "make your head spin"!
43 YEARS BEHIND THE "8 BALL" on this one folks ! We ALL (that's you & me Individually & collectively) have no "choice," that is if we care about the survival of our children's children ! This IS serious serious stuff! Time to WAKE UP World !
So to all the fine folks in Vermont who "took a hit," sorry, but so sympathy here. Uncle Sam, and the rest of the World Leadership (and followers) better put all the Political B.S. aside and "get down" to the "business of" Drastic CHANGES in the way WE conduct Ourselves on this ever becoming more FINITE Planet ! ! ! and that is "the rest of the story" from a "human visitor"

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